If you have been ordered to close your business by an enforcement officer, you have a right to appeal that decision to the District Court. The Court can over turn the closure order completely or decide on conditions when allowing you to reopen.

An appeal must be filed in writing and must specify the direction to close appealed against. You must also specify the grounds of appeal and what you rely on in support of your appeal.

The appeal, along with a copy of the cease order, plus any supporting documents need to be sent electronically to the District Court (which will be open 24 hours, 7 days per week to receive the appeals). A copy of the appeal and supporting documents also needs to be served on the enforcement officer.

The enforcement officer then has to reply to the appeal and specify the grounds why the cease business order is justified.

The Court will then notify a Judge of the appeal and a date and time for the appeal will be set. Appeals may be by audio visual link as directed by the Court.