The New Zealand Government has implemented vaccination mandates for workers in specific sectors.  This can be seen in the Covid-19 Public Health Response (Vaccination) Order 2021 which first came into force on 30 of April 2021, and which has been updated by at least 2 subsequent amendments.  The most recent version of the Order has come into force on 25 October 2021.

This Order requires certain types of work to only be carried out by those who are vaccinated, unless they have an exemption from being vaccinated.

These are the sectors that are currently subject to the vaccination mandate:

MIQ and Border workers:

  •          Those working at MIQ facilities, international ports and airports, and accommodation where                       international aircrew are isolating, are legally required to be vaccinated.  This mandate came                       into force on 14 July 2021.
  •          As of September 30, 2021, any newly-employed workers in this sector will need to have at least                   one dose of the vaccine prior to starting work.  They must have their second dose within 35                         days of starting work.

Corrections workers:

  •          All Department of Corrections staff, including healthcare workers, psychologists and independent             contractors that work in prisons or in the community are legally required to be vaccinated.
  •          Corrections workers must have had their first dose by 6 November 2021 and their second dose by             8 December 2021.

Education workers:

  •          Any person working or volunteering at an educational facility who will have contact with children,               students or parents will be legally required to be vaccinated.  
  •          Education services which are subject to this requirement include all schools, early learning centers,           licensed home=based education and care services for children, before and after school care                       providers, as well as school holiday program providers. Additionally, those working in boarding                   houses and accommodation providers are also required to be vaccinated.
  •          This mandate does not cover tertiary education providers.
  •          Education workers must have had their first dose by 15 November 2021 and their second dose by 1          January 2021.

Health and Disability workers:

  •          All health practitioners, those working in a facility which provides health care, and those who work             closely with healthcare providers, are legally required to be vaccinated.
  •          Care and support workers who are funded by the Ministry of Health, any District Health Board                     (DHBs) or the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), and who go into people’s homes are                    also subject to the vaccine mandate.
  •          Anyone working in a healthcare facility whose work involves them being less than 2 meters from a             healthcare employee or a member of the public for 15 minutes or more are also subject to the                     vaccine mandate.
  •          Health and disability workers must have had their first dose by 15 November 2021 and their second           dose by 1 January 2022.

Exempt workers:

  •          In some situations a worker may be unable to get vaccinated, in which case they can obtain a                      medical exemption. 
  •          It is anticipated that there will be very few people who will qualify for a medical exemption. 
  •          Learn more about exemptions. 

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