1.    Decide what allegations to investigate.

2.    Decide if they could be serious misconduct or misconduct.

3.    Tell the employee in writing what the allegations are.

4.    Tell them the possible consequences if the allegations are true.

5.    Tell them they have an opportunity to give a response.

6.    Consider if suspension on pay is necessary.

7.    Ask the employee to comment on any proposed suspension.

8.    Listen to any response and decide on suspension or not.

9.    Advise the employee on the suspension decision.

10.  Set up a meeting for them to respond to the allegations.

11.  Tell them they can have a support person or representative.

12.  Listen to their response and make notes.

13.  Investigate what they have said.

14.  Consider what the evidence shows. Are the allegations proven?

15.  Tell the employee which allegations are proven or not.

16.  Tell the employee any proposed outcome eg warning or dismissal.

17.  Invite their comment on the proposed outcome.

18.  Decide what the outcome will be.

19.  Advise the employee in writing.

20.  Put a copy on their file.


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Alan Knowsley