The District Court has fined a company $26,000 for failing to report a health and safety incident and preserve the scene until an inspector could attend.

The company was using a crane to lift construction materials at a worksite. The crane tipped over.

Instead of notifying Worksafe of the incident, the company organised for the crane to be recovered, and a replacement to be delivered.

The Court explained that when a notifiable event occurs at a workplace, Worksafe must be notified as soon a reasonably possible. The scene must also be preserved until an inspector attends and authorises otherwise.

The Court ordered the company to pay a fine of $26,000, taking into account that Worksafe had issued it with 28 notices, letters, and directives over the past 2 years.

Any person carrying out business must report workplace incidents to Worksafe. Failing to report incidents, or interfering with the scene, may lead to significant penalties.

If there are concerns about the handling of workplace health and safety incidents, it is wise to speak with a professional experienced in the area.

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Alan Knowsley
Health and Safety Lawyer